Italian dealers

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Narda Safety Test Solutions
Via Leonardo da Vinci, 21/23
20090 Segrate (Milano)
Tel. 02 2699871
Fax 02 26998700
Narda STS

Toscana – Liguria – Piemonte – Valle d’Aosta
DQM S.r.l.
Via Ribes, 27
10100 Samone d’Ivrea (TO)
Tel. 0125 564051
Fax 0125 569163

Italia Centro/Sud e Lombardia
+ Prov. Novara
+ Prov. Verbania
MPB S.r.l.
Via Giacomo Peroni, 400/402
c/o Tecnopolo Tiburtino
00131-Roma (RM)
Tel. 06 41200744
Fax 06 41200653

+ Prov. Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona, Mantova
+ Emilia Romagna e Rep. di San Marino
V.le Suzzani, 269
20162 Milano
Tel. 02 6473858
Fax 02 66104660
sede distaccata:
San Leonardo Valcellina (Pn)

 Prodotti commercializzati in Italia РProducts distributed in Italy


A.H. Systems Inc. A.H. SYSTEMS produces a wide range of EMC/EMI antennas and accessories, suitable also for immunity and shielding tests. Each antenna is delivered with individual calibration certificate including antenna factor and gain and has 3 year warranty. The antenna product line of A.H. Systems is compliant with FCC, VDE, CISPR, TEMPEST, MIL-STD requirements.
COM-POWER CORPORATION Com-Power is a leading manufacturer of test and measurement instrumentation for electromagnetic compatibility testing (EMC). We are located in Southern California, USA. Since our inception in 1989, our emphasis has been to offer our customers the most comprehensive selection of EMC test equipment in the market at a reasonable price. This helps our customers spend more time solving the EMC problem and less time shopping for test equipment.
FCC Fischer Custom Communications Inc. Fischer Custom Communications Inc. designs, develops, and manufactures specialized transient protection devices and RF test equipment.
The RF test equipment is used to insure that electronic equipment meets FCC, FAA, and IEC European regulations for electromagnetic emmissions and immunity.

 HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS offers various products to conform to IEC and EN standards. Both single phase AC mains and DC power ports must be tested. The use of coupling and decoupling characteristics are recommended, and based upon the European model for AC power lines. When testing according to ANSI and IEEE standards, much of the same requirements apply, but tests are based upon the American model for AC power lines.

Magnetic Instrumentation Inc. Magnetic Instrumentation Inc. has long been a leader in the design and construction of magnet processing equipment. The company’s heritage spans over 50 years. This experience and expertise provides the cornerstone for engineered solutions to even the most difficult magnet processing applications.
The Magnetic Instrumentation Inc. standard products include: Capacitive Discharge Magnetizers, Magnet Processing Equipment Half Cycle, Demagnetizers/Calibration Equipment, Fluxmeters, Search Coils “&” Helmholtz Coils, Gaussmeters, Hall Probes, Reference Magnets, Hysteresigraphs, Testing Services.

Prana PRANA specializes in design and manufacture of RF Power Amplifiers for Broadband applications such as EMC testing, instrumentation and radio-communication. All amplifiers meet the EMC test standards and provide competent solutions to other unreliable, expensive and problematic tube amplifiers.


SIEPEL is the unique French manufacturer of shielded enclosures, microwave absorbers, reverberation chambers and anechoic chambers either standard solutions or custom designs.

SIEPEL products are dedicated to EMC, EMI, EMS, RCS, Tempest, NEMP, HIRF and antenna testing. They also supply turnkey deliveries including test instruments, EMC software & training.